Systems We Service

Owning a commercial building means meeting fire safety requirements, so your building’s occupants are kept safe. A lot goes into proper fire protection, and having the right team to navigate fire safety regulations will help you stay safe.

Fire Systems of Michigan has proudly served Southeast Michigan for over 40 years, offering a range of fire protection services for building owners. 

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection, Repair & Installation

Commercial kitchens require advanced fire prevention and suppression technology. Your kitchen hood system should be equipped with the right protective measures, including fire detection, wet chemical agent suppression, and alarm contacts.

Our Detroit-based fire suppression company is well-versed in restaurant and commercial kitchen fire suppression system installations, offering state-of-the-art fire suppression systems from top-quality brands.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection, Repair & Installation

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most popular methods for fire suppression in a commercial setting. If they fail to operate in a crisis, they could result in more damage than necessary from a structure fire.

Make sure your occupants can leave the building unscathed by having a professional team inspect, repair, install, or replace the fire sprinkler system in your building.

Fire Alarm Inspection, Repair, Installation, & Monitoring

The National Fire Protection Association and OSHA list strict requirements for fire alarm inspections.

Failure to have operating fire alarm systems in your commercial building will result in code violation fines and unnecessary public endangerment charges. Your systems are required to have professional inspection and certification by a fire protection company once per year.

We perform a thorough inspection, coordinating with the monitoring company to ensure your alarms are transmitting properly. Our fire alarm repair team can mend even the most difficult problems and know when to recommend a replacement for an irreparable system.

Exit & Emergency Lighting Inspection & Repair

The law requires all commercial building exit accesses, exits, and exit discharges to have appropriate emergency lighting for safe evacuation.

This means all stairs, corridors, ramps, pathways, and outdoor areas near an exit must be satisfactorily illuminated as determined by the International Building Code and NFPA.

We have years of experience installing and repairing egress lighting systems, and we fully understand the laws surrounding proper exit and emergency lighting signage.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Repair & Installation

Commercial buildings are required to have professional fire protection companies perform an annual inspection and a six-year internal inspection with complete extinguisher breakdown. This ensures your fire extinguisher is fully functional and can suppress a fire if needed.

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