Fire Alarm Repairs in Southeast Michigan

When it comes to fire safety, timely inspection and repair of fire alarm systems are crucial to ensure the protection of your business and everyone within it. When fire alarm systems are functioning appropriately, they provide your business with an around-the-clock notification system. This is vital for giving employees, clients, and associates as much time to get to safety as possible during an emergency.

If your fire alarm system has been damaged or damage was found during your fire alarm inspection, call Fire Systems of Michigan to get top-class fire alarm repair. We are an experienced, certified fire protection contractor that has been serving Michigan clients for over four decades. We are fully equipped to accurately assess your needs and provide optimal repairs in as little time as possible, keeping your business compliant and covered at all times.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

24/7 Emergency Fire Alarm Repairs

A malfunctioning or damaged fire alarm system leaves your business exposed to danger for as long as it is present. This means that when your alarms need repair, you need to know that your needs are covered at all times by a reputable and experienced fire protection company.

Fire Systems of Michigan is proud to provide total fire alarm repair services any day of the week, at any hour. If you are experiencing an issue with your fire alarm systems, no matter the simplicity or complexity, call our team at 313-255-0053 for an immediate solution that returns your business to safety.

When To Schedule Fire Alarm Repairs for Optimal Safety

  • When a fault is found during fire alarm inspections: Annual fire alarm inspections are critical for ensuring your alarms are working effectively. During inspections a problem with hardware may be found, and repairs should always follow immediately.
  • Your fire alarm trips with no cause: False alarms are often a fault with the automated tripping mechanism or control systems. These should be repaired as soon as possible so that your business knows when a real issue arises.
  • Your fire alarms are beeping frequently: Beeping may be the fault of a low battery in an independent alarm, or a problem with internal components. A wired network fire alarm system will only beep when there is an issue that requires repair.
  • Your fire alarms are aging: Alarms that have reached the eight- to 10-year mark often become notably less effective and may require repairs more frequently.

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Schedule your fire alarm repair with Fire Systems of Michigan today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your protection is in expert hands.  Contact our team today. 

Choose Fire Systems of Michigan for Expert Fire Alarm Repair Services

At Fire Systems of Michigan, our teams are dedicated to providing swift and precise fire protection services. Our emergency services are available 24/7 for your convenience, so never hesitate to call should a problem arise unexpectedly!

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