Fire Alarm Installation in Southeast Michigan

For a commercial business, a fire alarm system is one of its most vital resources to ensure employees, clients, customers, and visitors can evacuate a building in a safe and organized fashion during a fire.

Fire Systems of Michigan installs commercial fire alarms for a variety of businesses and industries throughout the greater Detroit metro area. We also offer fire alarm monitoring, fire alarm inspections, and fire alarm system repairs.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you choose the best fire alarm equipment for your facility. And our over 40 years of industry experience ensures you receive professional fire alarm installation services that meet all NFPA, OSHA, state, and local requirements.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

How Fire Alarms Protect Your Business

A working fire alarm system enhances your commercial building fire protection plan and protects business assets, including your employees, from a potentially deadly fire.

Fire alarms are designed to detect heat, smoke, and other signs of an active fire at your office building, apartment complex, or other commercial facility. As fires can engulf a structure in minutes, every second counts when it comes to evacuating the building.

The better your building’s fire alarm system is, the greater the protection and security it affords. A well-designed and installed system alerts you and your monitoring company as quickly as possible once a fire is detected.

When choosing the right type of fire alarm for your business, consider:

  • The size of your building or facility, including the number of levels.
  • Where your structure’s located, such as in a remote area or high-trafficked site.
  • Whether you’re protecting an industrial or business service complex.
  • Which features you need to adequately protect your specific business.

The right fire alarm system is often the decisive factor in whether a business suffers a complete loss or fatalities. Fire Systems of Michigan’s fire alarm offerings include:

  • Wireless and networked models
  • Smoke detector systems
  • Monitoring and communications
  • Control panels and pull stations
  • Strobes and audible sirens and bells

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Why Choose Fire Systems of Michigan for Fire Alarm Installation?

Does your commercial building or structure need a fire alarm system installed? Consulting the trained professionals at Fire Systems of Michigan is the best way to optimize your fire alarm system so it provides your building, assets, and people with the maximum protection possible.

When you choose us as your fire protection partner, we thoroughly assess your business’s unique needs and offer the most appropriate options to cover it effectively.

Our goal is to help you protect your business using the best methods available while helping to ensure you get the full value of your newly installed system. Our systems keep your facility code-compliant, regardless of your industry.

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