Fire Alarm System Inspection in Detroit Metro Area

Fire alarms serve as the backbone of any good fire protection system. Properly installed and integrated, alarms are the first responder telling your clients and staff that an emergency is at hand, providing them with the time needed to seek safety. For this reason, it is imperative that these alarms receive consistent and thorough inspections, maintenance, and repair.

Fire Systems of Michigan is a full-service fire protection company for over 40 years. Our comprehensive fire alarm inspection services are precise and streamlined, offering your business exactly what it needs to remain compliant and safe.

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Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

How Often Are Fire Alarm Inspections Needed?

While consistent testing and visual checks should be performed by on-site personnel weekly, professional-level inspections should be administered on an annual basis. Yearly inspections ensure that your fire alarms are in optimal condition and that the alarm system is properly communicating with all necessary systems including monitoring systems, PA or speaker systems, and other integrated fire protection systems.

Annual inspections are mandated in order for a business to remain code-compliant with regards to fire safety. These inspections are to be performed by trained, certified, and competent inspection specialists.

Comprehensive Fire Alarm Inspections 

As a leading provider of fire protection systems and services, Our inspections satisfy all local, state, and national fire safety code requirements, keeping your business compliant and your personnel and clients safe.

Our inspections include, but are not limited to inspecting these fire alarm and associated fire protection systems:

  • Alarm sound and strobe
  • Automated alarm triggers and fire alarm initiating devices
  • Backup power supplies
  • Manual alarm triggers
  • Heat/smoke detector functionality
  • Primary and secondary phone lines
  • HVAC shutoff

Our inspections also include any and all additional or customized fire alarm systems found within your business. It is our number one priority to ensure that your alarms are operational and capable of sounding an alarm immediately when needed. Our inspections have been streamlined to be both thorough and efficient, providing a detailed inspection service that interrupts your daily processes as little as possible without harming inspection quality.

Should any faults be found with your fire alarm, you can count on our team for complete fire alarm repair services including calibrations, programming, parts replacement, and more.

Schedule Fire Alarm Inspections 

Whether you’re looking to establish an ongoing annual fire alarm inspection service, or you need competent professionals for a one-time service, Fire Systems of Michigan is more than equal to the task. With over four decades of experience in the industry, you’ll find no fire protection company better suited to providing you with complete, customer-focused fire safety services!

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