Exit & Emergency Lighting Repair in Southeast Michigan

Ensuring that your emergency lighting systems are fully functional in case of an emergency is imperative for commercial building owners. Failure to maintain your emergency lighting systems can result in serious fines for needless endangerment of the public. If your lights are flickering or buzzing, you may need an emergency lighting repair to avoid being fined for coding violations.

The team at Fire Systems of Michigan is highly trained in emergency and emergency exit lighting repair, troubleshooting the issue and replacing faulty systems when necessary. 

Lifespan of Emergency Lighting Systems

Older emergency lighting depended on incandescent lamps for increasing visibility in emergency situations. These lights only had a lifespan of around 5,000 hours, meaning building managers would likely have to repair or replace their systems within nine months of having them installed. Unsurprisingly, developers worked hard to find an alternative solution that could prolong the lifespan and protect public spaces for a more substantial period of time.

LED emergency lighting is one of the most popular solutions, with some LEDs capable of lasting up to 10 years after installation. In addition to a longer lifespan, emergency lighting systems using LEDs are more energy efficient and offer better visibility in crisis situations than their incandescent counterparts.

While newer lighting systems offer better life expectancy, energy savings, and better visibility, it’s important to remember to perform regular maintenance at the required intervals set forth by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Fire Systems of Michigan has the knowledge and expertise necessary to perform routine maintenance and repair your emergency lighting systems.

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Routine Emergency Lighting Maintenance

The most current edition of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Life Safety Code 101 dictates at what intervals emergency lighting systems need to be tested in order to be considered functional by local jurisdiction. The following guidelines can be used for scheduling routine maintenance for your building’s emergency lighting:

  • Every 30 Days: Perform a 30-second test as well as a visual inspection for systems not controlled by a computer system.
  • Annually: Once every year, perform a 90-minute test to ensure your systems are functioning properly.

In order for your emergency lighting systems to remain compliant, all emergency lighting should be operational throughout the duration of each test performed. If you’re unsure of how to test your emergency lighting or simply want the assurance of a professional, contact the team at Fire Systems of Michigan. Our repair team is available 24-hours a day so your emergency commercial lighting repair needs never have to wait.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Repairs

Fire Systems of Michigan offers 24-hour repair service for your building’s emergency lighting needs. Contact our team today for a quote to have your emergency lighting repaired or replaced.