Special Hazard Fire Suppression Inspection in Southeast Michigan

Special hazard fire suppression systems extinguish fires quickly without endangering occupants or damaging critical assets. To ensure your company’s system operates as it should during a fire, the qualified technicians at Fire Systems of Michigan provide inspections of FM-200, Halon, and dry chemical systems.

We’re a single point of fire protection resources, serving various Michigan industries for all their safety needs. Our comprehensive special hazard fire suppression system inspections give you peace of mind, knowing your business is protected and compliant.

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Systems We Inspect

Companies that store or use special hazard materials like chemicals, flammables, and welding supplies can’t rely on standard fire suppression systems to keep their people and assets protected. Instead, they need non-water-based systems that do more harm than good.

Depending on which type of special hazard suppression system your business has installed, you might require monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual inspections.

The systems we inspect include:

  • FM-200: These waterless, clean agent fire suppression systems are typically used in locations with sensitive electronic equipment, such as data centers and telecommunications facilities.
  • Dry chemicals: These systems are highly effective at putting out fires quickly. They’re commonly used in commercial kitchens, industrial and manufacturing facilities, paint booths, and storage locations.
  • Halon: While Halon is no longer legal to manufacture, existing systems are still permitted.

All our special hazard suppression system inspections ensure your existing system meets NFPA and EPA regulations.

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Our Special Hazard Suppression Inspection Process

Special hazard suppression system inspections must be conducted monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the system and local regulations, and a certified fire protection specialist must handle them.

During the inspection process, our certified technicians:

  • Look for damaged, missing, and obstructed devices
  • Check for system modifications or additions
  • Examine the system for faulty wiring and other issues that might impair its control panel
  • Visually inspect dry chemical system piping and replace/test detection devices
  • Check clean agent initiating and releasing devices
  • Review all discharge components, nozzles, pipe fittings, and batteries
  • Inspect agent cylinders for signs of damage and verify weight and gauge pressure
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Why Choose Us?

Special hazard fire protection systems protect people, limit asset loss, and mitigate business interruption and downtime. For over 40 years, Fire Systems of Michigan has provided inspection services that ensure total confidence in your system’s performance.

Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering excellence in fire safety services. Thousands of Michigan businesses trust us to keep their facilities and buildings adequately protected against loss of life and property.

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Data and IT centers, computer server rooms, museums, hospitals, hazardous material storage areas, and chemical and power plants all benefit from special hazard systems.

It’s recommended to have your system inspected semi-annually for proper function.