Fire Protection Services for Religious Facilities in Michigan

Our fire protection solutions for religious institutions are essential to protecting your church property and the health and safety of your parishioners. For over 40 years, our company has been a leading provider of fire protection services in Southeast Michigan.

We’re a one-stop shop for all your fire protection needs, from fire alarm testing and sprinkler inspections to commercial kitchen fire suppression system installation.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Our Fire Protection Services

Fire Systems of Michigan can develop and install a fire protection solution that meets your religious facility’s needs. You can rely on our team for comprehensive fire protection that complies with all federal, state, and local fire codes.

Fire Alarm Systems

During church services and other events, a fire alarm can detect a fire and provide a warning that allows occupants to evacuate safely. It also protects the building and property if a fire occurs outside of church events, allowing staff to be notified and emergency personnel to respond quickly.

The experts at Fire Systems of Michigan can install and service your fire alarm system, including regular testing, inspections, maintenance, and more. We also offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure your religious institution is always protected and the appropriate authorities are dispatched in an emergency.

Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler system can provide fast-acting, automatic protection for your church in the event of a fire, limiting its spread while allowing more time to evacuate safely and for first responders to arrive.

Our team can design and install a fire sprinkler system that optimizes coverage for every area of your facility. Our fire sprinkler services include testing, inspections, repair, maintenance, and installation.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire extinguishers are vital tools for quickly snuffing out fires. Let Fire Systems of Michigan equip your facility and ensure you have the correct number and type of fire extinguishers. Our crew also provides fire extinguisher inspections and repairs, so you can be confident you’ll be ready for an emergency.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Church dinners are a great way to bring together the community, but they pose a significant risk of fire. To stop fires at the source, our team can install an automatic, self-contained commercial kitchen fire suppression system to keep your staff and parishioners safe.

We also offer complete testing, inspections, and maintenance to keep your kitchen fire suppression system code-compliant and ready for an emergency.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

When the power fails during a fire or utility outage, our exit and emergency lighting can help you evacuate churchgoers in a safe, orderly manner. Our team can provide all the testing, inspections, and repairs to make sure your emergency lights operate correctly when you need them.

Why Choose Fire Systems of Michigan?

Fire Systems of Michigan has over 40 years of experience servicing commercial fire protection systems. We have the skills and expertise to handle all your fire protection needs.

We offer exceptional service and support with 24/7 availability, and we can help your team navigate all the NFPA, state, and local codes required to keep your facility safe and code-compliant. 

Call 313-255-0053 or contact Fire Systems of Michigan online to request a quote for fire protection services throughout Southeast Michigan.