Fire Protection for Schools and Universities throughout Southeast Michigan

Schools and other educational facilities are responsible for keeping their students and staff safe. Together with regular fire drills, they’re typically required by law to install, service, and maintain both manual and automatic fire extinguishers, emergency lighting systems, fire alarm systems, and sprinkler systems.

Fire Systems of Michigan specializes in protection systems for schools and universities, so you can count on our advice and services to keep your institution secure. We have extensive experience with a range of educational institutions, including:

  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Colleges
  • Gymnasiums
  • Students’ unions
  • Libraries
  • Galleries and concert halls
Can our fire safety specialists help your business?


Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers save lives, so we never accept second best. Our end-to-end fire extinguisher services include repairs, testing, recharging, and installation. Even the best extinguishers are useless without training, so we’ll make sure your staff and students have all the knowledge they need to use this crucial equipment correctly. We’ll guide fire extinguisher placement, too, so that you meet the fire code requirements of your sector. Our inspection services include six-year maintenance, annual assessments, and 12-year testing.

Fire Sprinklers

No other safety equipment can quell a fire as effectively as a sprinkler system, but adding one to an institution is a complex task. Let Fire Systems of Michigan determine the best strategy for your sprinklers. Our commercial sprinkler services will cover all requirements at every stage of the journey, from design and layout to services and inspections. We have comprehensive knowledge of the NFPA 25, so you’ll never need to doubt a single inspection.

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Schools and universities can be confusing to navigate, so they’re required to install an effective emergency lighting system. This fire protection component ensures that staff, students, and visitors can make a safe exit in a fire, so you’re required to meet a monthly testing standard. Battery-operated lighting has a finite life span, so regular inspections are also a core part of your security. Our team is trained to perform load, switch, voltage, and mounting tests. We also perform 90-minute discharge tests for institutions that require them.

Why Choose Fire Systems of Michigan?

Guarantee that you’re receiving the best in fire suppression services by calling Fire Systems of Michigan. Our accredited team has been serving schools for more than 40 years. That experience has given us the expertise to repair, inspect, and test fire systems reliably because no school should have to give up its peace of mind. We’re a one-stop service provider, so we can handle all your end-to-end fire protection needs, from sprinklers to emergency exit lighting. Some of the finest brands and governmental institutions in the world trust us with their safety, and so should you.

Learn more about our services by contacting us online or calling 313-255-0053 to speak to a fire safety specialist!