Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services

Commercial-grade cooking appliances require more robust and advanced fire protection technologies than their residential counterparts.

With so many heating elements operating at high temperatures throughout the day, the likelihood of a fire can dramatically increase—especially when the right fire suppression system isn’t installed. Your commercial kitchen needs a fire suppression system that offers not only fire protection but fire prevention methods as well.

Commercial kitchens come equipped with advanced technologies to protect against flames and mitigate damage. The suppression system works by releasing wet chemical extinguishing agents designed specifically to put out fires involving cooking materials like oil and grease. A fire suppression system helps prevent a fire from spreading and extinguishes the flames, keeping employees safe and equipment protected.

Fire Systems of Michigan installs, inspects, and repairs top-quality commercial kitchen fire suppression systems from the industry’s most renowned brands. With over 40 years of fire protection experience, we’re the fire protection company you can trust.

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ANSUL Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Systems of Michigan proudly carries one of the industry’s best fire suppression system brands, ANSUL®. We’re one of the select ANSUL providers in Michigan!

ANSUL touts the industry’s only agent-plus-water fire suppression hybrid on the market and has some of the most comprehensive restaurant hood systems available, ensuring virtually fire-free commercial kitchens.

Main Types of Fire Suppression

  • Gas systems
  • Water mist system
  • Pneumatic heat detection tube

24-Hour Emergency Fire Services 

When your commercial kitchen’s fire suppression system malfunctions, you can’t wait until the worst happens for a repair. That’s why Fire Systems of Michigan offers 24-hour emergency fire services for urgent repair and fire-safety needs. Don’t let a faulty system threaten your safety or business operations.

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Some of the frequently asked questions we receive include:

You’re familiar with fire extinguisher systems, which put out a fire. Fire suppression systems use CO2, chemicals, or inert gases (“clean” agents) to “smother” or suppress a fire.

Every commercial kitchen is required to have Class-K fire extinguishers with a placard stating the fire suppression system should be activated before attempting to use a handheld fire extinguisher.

Different types of systems are designed for industrial fire suppression and special hazard suppression. Composites include dry chemicals, gas, and water systems.

For commercial kitchens, a hood suppression system is mandated. Wet chemical fire suppression systems are most common. Configurations and equipment are usually customized for each commercial kitchen application.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) advises a commercial kitchen fire suppression systems inspection every six months.

In the event of a fire, some people panic, and logic flies out the window. A posted fire-safety checklist is a smart idea for every commercial kitchen:

  • Any fire: Turn off the heat source and shut doors to isolate the fire from people.
  • Large fire: Shut off the appliance and gas/electricity. Activate the fire suppression system and call 911. Begin evacuation.
  • Small fire: Place lid on top of the pan, smother with a wet towel, and/or sprinkle baking soda or salt on the fire.

Preventing commercial kitchen fires is the best idea. In addition to maintenance, restaurant owners/managers should:

  • Designate one kitchen worker every day to call 911 and evacuate the restaurant in an emergency.
  • Designate one kitchen worker every day to shut off gas and electricity in an emergency.
  • Train every kitchen worker on how to activate/use fire suppression and extinguisher systems.
  • Schedule a fire-safety training every year.

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