Fire Protection Services in Rochester Hills

We Provide Services for Fire Sprinklers, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Alarms & More!

It is imperative that you remain compliant with NFPA standards and local building codes if you own a commercial enterprise in Rochester Hills. Your employees and customers depend on reliable fire protection, and our team works hard to ensure your systems operate the way they should when a fire breaks out.

At Fire Systems of Michigan, our technicians have served businesses in Rochester Hills for more than 40 years. We understand your business’s needs, and we recommend solutions that will keep your people safe from harm and your building safe from damage.

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We proudly offer the following fire protection services for businesses in Rochester Hills:

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Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Advantages of Fire Protection Services in Rochester Hills

A reliable fire protection system is a hedge against personal injuries, wrongful deaths, and property loss. Over time, it’s an investment that will save you considerable money and potentially save your business from a catastrophic disaster.

Reliable fire alarms, emergency lighting, and fire suppression systems make it possible to alert first responders quickly and evacuate personnel and customers from danger. Fire protection will also protect inventory and the structure from going up in smoke.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial kitchens are filled with potential fire hazards. We install and maintain advanced fire prevention and suppression technology to keep your restaurant, cafeteria, bakery, etc., safe. Our fire protection products for commercial kitchens include range hood systems to quickly suppress fires, alarms to rapidly alert first responders, emergency lighting to expedite evacuation, wet/dry chemical agent suppression, environmental monitoring, and more.

Do you have questions about the best ways to keep your commercial kitchen safe from fire hazards? Contact Fire Systems of Michigan at 313-255-0053, and we will be happy to give you the answers that will keep your kitchen safe.

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Our team is ready to assist you, whether you need dry chem or wet suppression, fire alarms, emergency lighting, or other safety feature installed, inspected, maintained, or repaired.

For more than 40 years, businesses in the region have depended on our teams for their safety. It is our pleasure to show you why we are the region’s premier choice for fire protection services. We guarantee that our solutions will comply with NFPA standards, area building codes, and your insurance provider’s requirements.

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