Fire Protection Services in Novi, MI

Providing your Novi building with adequate fire protection systems keeps your employees and clients safe and your business code-complaint. When it comes to fire protection and safety services in Oakland County and the surrounding areas, look to Fire Systems of Michigan! We are a full-service fire protection company that has been serving Novi commercial and industrial businesses for over 40 years.

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Fire Alarm Services

Fire Systems of Michigan offers thorough and precise fire alarm inspection, monitoring, and repair services. With our team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your business and its occupants are safe. Our services will also help you to steer clear of any code violation fines and endangerment charges.

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Fire Sprinkler Services

The inspection, maintenance, and repair of commercial fire sprinkler systems is strictly defined and enforced using NFPA code. As a fire protection company with over four decades of experience, Fire Systems of Michigan is highly adept at providing comprehensive fire sprinkler inspection services to our clients.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Ensuring the fire extinguishers in your Novi business are functional and properly charged is vital to the safety of your business. A well-placed extinguisher in the hands of a trained employee can often stop a fire in its tracks, or offer a means of safe egress to otherwise trapped occupants. We take your fire extinguisher inspection and service needs seriously, offering annual inspections, complete breakdown and testing services, and more.

Emergency and Exit Lighting

Emergency lighting should be installed at all entry and exit points of your business. This includes entry doors, fire escapes, stairs, and outdoor areas. If you’re looking for a fire protection company that offers emergency lighting design, installation, and service, Fire Systems of Michigan has you covered. We can create an emergency lighting setup that will ensure all building occupants have a clear path to leave in the case of an emergency in Oakland County, MI.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation Services

Commercial kitchens encounter fire hazards that aren’t common to any other business or industry. Simple fire extinguishers or a standard sprinkler system will not handle ignited fats, oils, or grease. To meet your fire safety needs as set by the NFPA and local codes, Fire Systems of Michigan offers superior kitchen fire suppression and hood vent suppression installation services.

Contact Fire Systems of Michigan for Fire Protection Services in Novi, Michigan

Whether you require routine fire protection system inspections or a new system installation, or you’re looking for a fire company that offers 24-hour support, Fire Systems of Michigan can provide what you need.

Contact us online at any time, or call 313-255-0053 for fire protection safety services in Novi and Oakland County, MI!