Fire Protection Services in Roseville, MI

Every building in Roseville must comply with NFPA standards and local building codes. At Fire Systems of Michigan, our fire safety specialists will ensure your property has the proper protection for your business’s unique needs.

We maintain the up-to-date knowledge that ensures your property is code-compliant and capable of withstanding a critical fire event. When you choose our team, you can expect superior sales, installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance. 

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers provide an invaluable first line of defense against the spread of fire. Properly placed and maintained, fire extinguishers can control a fire before it spreads, preventing damage and protecting lives.

Our fire extinguisher services include:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection: Our experts will thoroughly assess the condition of your fire extinguisher, ensuring it’s ready to operate in the event of a fire.
  • Fire extinguisher repair: Is your fire extinguisher damaged? Prompt repair is essential. Depend on our team to make any necessary repairs to your fire extinguisher.
  • Fire extinguisher installation: Rely on the pros at Fire Systems of Michigan to install your fire extinguishers.

Call our team to request a quote for fire extinguisher services in Roseville.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Moments matter in a fire, and our fire sprinkler services are designed to ensure your sprinklers perform as required when you need them most. Our services help protect your sprinklers against malfunctions and defects that can diminish performance. 

We offer:

  • Fire sprinkler installation: Our experts will install your fire sprinkler system with unmatched precision.
  • Fire sprinkler repair: Any damage to your fire sprinklers must be assessed and fixed by a professional immediately. Contact our team for expert repairs. 
  • Fire sprinkler inspections: We’ll ensure your system is code-compliant and ready to activate if a fire breaks out.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Our commercial kitchen fire suppression services are customized to meet the requirements of your business and your industry. Our solutions are designed to provide effective protection against the hazards inherent to your operations. We can installinspect, and repair a full range of systems you can rely on.

Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Our periodic inspections will ensure your systems comply with state, local, and insurance requirements. Is it time to schedule an inspection for your special hazard fire suppression system? Fire Systems of Michigan provides inspections that will ensure your business is protected and code-compliant. 

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting services ensure your employees and customers can find the closest emergency exit in the event of a fire. We’ll ensure all stairs, corridors, ramps, pathways, and other areas are properly marked and illuminated. We offer exit and emergency lighting inspections and repairs.

Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring

The NFPA has implemented strict requirements for fire alarm systems. Our certified specialists have the knowledge, experience, and skill to ensure your system is code-compliant. We offer comprehensive fire alarm services, including inspectionsrepairsinstallations, and monitoring.

Why Choose Us?

For over 40 years, Fire Systems of Michigan has proudly served clients throughout Michigan. When you want top-rated fire protection you can depend on, look no further than our team. We’re your single source for solutions that will suit your business’s needs, whether you operate a data center, hospital, or another type of facility.

Contact Fire Systems of Michigan to learn more about our fire protection services or request a quote.