Fire Protection Services in Utica

If you own a commercial building in Utica, you know it’s essential for your building to meet fire safety requirements. In order to make sure you have proper fire protection, you need to hire a company that’s experienced and dependable. Fire Systems of Michigan offers a range of dependable fire protection services to commercial buildings throughout Utica.

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Why You Need Fire Protection Services

One of the main goals of fire protection services is to protect you and your building’s occupants from harm and protect your building from extensive damage in case of a fire. It will also help you save your money in the long run by avoiding potential damage costs.

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Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Utica Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation

Commercial kitchens need reliable fire prevention and suppression technology to prevent a kitchen fire from happening and causing massive damage or injury. The kitchen’s range hood system should be equipped with the right fire protection measures, including environmental monitoring, wet chemical agent suppression, and alarm contacts. Our knowledgeable team has the proper experience in kitchen fire suppression system installation. Fire Systems of Michigan works with Utica restaurants and commercial kitchen, supplying top-quality range hoods from industry-leading brands.

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Fire Alarm Inspections and Repairs in Utica

Fire alarm inspections are a must for all commercial buildings. If you don’t have properly operating fire alarm systems in your building, you can receive code violation fines and public endangerment charges. Your fire alarm systems are required to have professional inspection and certification by a fire protection company once a year.

Turn to Fire Systems of Michigan in Utica to perform a professional fire alarm inspection on your system and ensure your alarms are transmitting correctly. We will even fix any issues present and let you know if your system needs to be replaced.

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Utica Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Repairs

If you need your fire sprinklers inspected or repaired, you can turn to Fire Systems of Michigan in Utica to handle all of your fire sprinkler system needs. Fire detection sprinklers are the best method for fire suppression in a commercial building. If your fire sprinklers fail to work during a fire, it could result in extensive damage and possible harm. You can make sure you protect your building and your occupants can leave the building unscathed by having our professional team inspect, repair, install, or replace the sprinkler system in your Utica building.

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Emergency Lighting Installation and Repair in Utica

Law requires that all Utica commercial building exit accesses, exits, and exit discharges to have appropriate emergency lighting for safe evacuation. This includes all stairs, corridors, ramps, pathways, and outdoor areas near an exit to be illuminated. Fire Systems of Michigan in Utica has years of experience installing and repairing emergency lighting systems. We’ll make sure your emergency lighting is up to code and installed correctly.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Testing in Utica

As a property manager, you should inspect your fire extinguishers on your own every month. However, you also need to have a professional fire protection company perform an annual inspection and a six-year internal inspection with complete fire extinguisher breakdown. This will ensure that your fire extinguisher is fully functional and able to suppress a potential fire.

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Fire Systems of Michigan for Your Fire Protection Needs

You can always count on the professional team at Fire Systems of Michigan to provide top-quality fire protection services to Utica commercial building owners. We even provide 24-hour emergency services when a crisis strikes.

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