Fire Protection in Ypsilanti, MI

Whether you’re looking to keep your Ypsilanti business fire code compliant, or you want to bolster the fire safety measures in your business, Fire Systems of Michigan stands ready to provide. With over four decades of experience in serving Ypsilanti commercial and industrial clients, we are your single source for complete fire protection services. 

We offer a wide range of fire protection services to Ypsilanti businesses, including:

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Fire Alarm Services in Ypsilanti, MI

Adequately maintained fire alarm systems can be the difference between having enough time to get to safety in a fire and sustaining unnecessary injuries and structural damage. Fire alarm inspection standards are set forth by the NFPA, and Fire Systems of Michigan rigorously adheres to them to keep your business safe and code compliant. 

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Sprinkler Services in Ypsilanti

Our fire sprinkler technicians are factory-trained and highly experienced, capable of providing comprehensive fire sprinkler inspections and repair for all fire sprinkler system types. From wet pipe fire sprinklers to dry chemical, deluge, and pre-action sprinklers, Fire Systems of Michigan can provide all your business needs. 

Ypsilanti Fire Extinguisher Services

In addition to your own on-site monthly inspection schedule, fire extinguishers are required to be inspected by certified professionals annually to ensure adequate charge and proper mechanical function. As a leading provider of fire suppression services in the Ypsilanti area for over 40 years, we are your one-stop shop for complete fire extinguisher service. 

Emergency & Exit Lighting in Ypsilanti 

Effectively placed and installed emergency and exit lighting will minimize confusion in the event of a fire or emergency, allowing occupants the means to escape without incident. Fire Systems of Michigan can help you install lighting in all critical areas, including entry and exit doors, hallways, outdoor areas, stairwells, and other vital locations. Our emergency lighting installations follow all state, local, and national fire code requirements. 

Fire Suppression System Installation in Ypsilanti

To deal with the hazards presented by grease, cooking oil, and smoke, a commercial kitchen has to be specially equipped with the correct fire suppression systems. Fire Systems of Michigan offers kitchen hood fire suppression systems, as well as saponification suppression systems. 

For paint booths, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, and other specialized areas that may include unique or unusual fire hazards, Fire Systems of Michigan offers leading suppression systems that are carefully selected and installed according to your needs. 

Complete Fire Protection Services in Ypsilanti, Michigan 

We are your complete source for fire protection system installations, inspections, and repairs. Fire Systems of Michigan offers service at all times, including emergency services that are available 24/7! 

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