Backflow Preventer Services in Michigan

When there’s a loss of water pressure in a municipal water line, backflow preventers keep pressurized fire sprinkler water lines from flowing back into the water line. They eliminate the possibility of polluting the municipal water system through cross-contamination and help protect our public waters. Typical causes of reduced water pressure include water main breaks and faulty plumbing connections.

Just like fire sprinkler systems, chemical tanks, and boilers that are supplied by a potable water system, a backflow preventer plays an essential role in a fire suppression system, keeping water clean and safe for both your build’s occupants and any others that share the same public water system.

To ensure your facility’s backflow system provides adequate protection for its water supply, you should have it periodically inspected. Fire Systems of Michigan provides comprehensive backflow system services such as inspections and installation for commercial and industrial facilities. For more than 40 years, we’ve served businesses and industries throughout Michigan, handling all aspects of their building fire safety.

Backflow System Inspection & Testing in MI

Michigan requires testable backflow devices to be inspected annually. When your business’s backflow system stops operating correctly, contaminated water, bacteria, chemicals, and other hazardous substances from fire suppression systems and other equipment can overcome the pressure of the potable water system and contaminate the water supply. This is extremely dangerous for people who drink the water and can also be extremely expensive to correct.

Annual backflow prevention testing and maintenance required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) helps prevent water contamination. The trained experts at Fire Systems of Michigan provide testing and inspection services for backflow systems that ensure your system works properly to avoid fines for non-compliance and interrupted water supply. If we uncover problems during an inspection, we’ll recommend the best repair options for your business and your budget.

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Michigan Backflow System Installations

Whether you’re installing a new backflow preventer or need to upgrade or replace an existing one, Fire Systems of Michigan’s reliable team will help you choose the best type of backflow system for your needs. We design, size, and install backflow preventers tailored to a business’s specific water demands. Our installation services are cost-effective and comply with all federal, state, and local codes.

Schedule Backflow System Services in Michigan

For a backflow system that consistently operates the way it should to keep your facility’s water protected, there’s no more dependable source than Fire Systems of Michigan. For over 40 years, we’ve provided quality fire protection services throughout Michigan. If you need backflow system installation or inspection services, we’re the experienced fire protection company you can trust to keep your potable water supply free from contamination.

To schedule an appointment for any of our backflow system services, contact Fire Systems of Michigan online today or call us at 313-255-0053.