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Fire Extinguisher Repair in Michigan

Fire extinguishers play a critical role for your business, both as a preventive measure and as a means of providing employees and clients with the ability to escape an emergency unharmed. Should something go wrong with the extinguishers within your Michigan business, you need to act fast and connect with knowledgeable, certified fire safety specialists.

Fire Systems of Michigan is a full-service fire protection company offering a broad range of fire safety services, including fire extinguisher repair. If your extinguishers are damaged, uncharged, or otherwise compromised, we can offer the prompt and precise service you need.

For commercial fire extinguisher repair in Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas in Michigan call 313-255-0053 or schedule service online!

Professional Fire Extinguisher Repair in Redford, MI

Though fire extinguishers are fairly simple tools, they incorporate many small parts and components that all need to be in good operational health to perform correctly. Our team understands that for your business to remain fire-safe and ready, you need repairs that can address all of the smaller aspects of your extinguishers.

Our teams are licensed, certified, and dedicated to providing optimal fire extinguisher repairs and recharge services. No matter the scale of your needs, from a single extinguisher repair to comprehensive service for your multi-level manufacturing facility or data center, Fire Systems of Michigan can accommodate your needs in a timely and precise manner.

When to Schedule Fire Extinguisher Repair

Generally speaking, a need for repairs will most commonly be detected during your routine fire extinguisher inspections. With this said, often issues can arise between inspections. Our team highly recommends that you schedule fire extinguisher repair in any of these scenarios:

  • Extinguishers show visible signs of damage (cracking, scrapes, denting)
  • Your extinguishers are missing important components such as the discharge lever, pin, hose, or pressure gauge
  • You have recently had to use your extinguisher (which typically requires a fire extinguisher recharge)

Don’t leave the usability of your fire extinguishers up to chance. If you suspect that you may need fire extinguisher repair call 313-255-0053!

Fire Extinguisher Repair & Service in Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor & Redford, MI

At Fire Systems of Michigan, it is our primary objective to keep your personnel and clients safe and to ensure your commercial or industrial business stays up to code. If you need fire extinguisher repair or recharge, or the time has come to schedule your inspection, reach out to our team any time.

Call 313-255-0053 or schedule fire extinguisher repair online now!

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Let us know how we can help you and a Fire Systems of Michigan representative will contact you within 24 hours.
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