Fire Pump Inspection in Detroit Metro Area

The moment a fire breaks out is not the moment you want to discover your fire pump is out of service. Regular testing and inspection ensures that your fire pump will perform as required when moments matter, and lives and property are in danger. At Fire Systems of Michigan, our technicians will perform the regular testing and inspection services that will keep your fire pump and fire suppression systems in prime condition.

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Why You Need Fire Pump Inspection 

Fires can happen at any time, day or night, holiday, or weekend. Regular inspection and testing identify potential issues before they cause potentially fatal problems. These tests identify issues caused by corrosion, neglect, age, and simple wear and tear. By performing regular inspections and tests, you help ensure your system is ready to go when the alarm bells start to ring.

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What Fire Pump Inspection & Testing Includes

Weekly fire pump testing includes testing the line, running the motor, and confirming that the suction is sufficient for the system. Monthly testing includes these tests with the addition of testing the battery for a proper charge. Annual testing involves inspecting the pipe couplings, checking the circulation relief valves, testing the tamper and flow switches, and measuring the water pressure and flow rate.

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Why Choose Fire Systems of Michigan?

For the past 40+ years, commercial and industrial enterprises in Michigan have depended on our team of highly trained technicians to deliver minor repair, inspection, testing, and maintenance services. Whether you own a restaurant or operate a manufacturing facility, we are familiar with the needs and hazards inherent to your industry. When it comes to fire protection, our team is always willing to go the extra mile to keep your personnel and your facilities safe from harm.

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Fire Pump Inspection FAQs

Regular maintenance helps identify loose connections, faulty components, blockages, and frayed wires that can cause a fire pump to fail when a fire erupts—as with any mechanical system, ignoring maintenance can result in a costly and potentially fatal system failure.

Pipe couplings can come loose for any number of reasons. Thermal expansion and poor maintenance are the most common. However, remodeling, impacts with equipment, and employee carelessness can also cause them to come apart.

Each system is different, but in general, a weekly fire pump inspection should include checking ventilation, valves, gauges, electrical systems, and fuel/oil levels.

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