Fire Pump Services in Southeast Michigan

Sprinkler systems are useless without an effective, efficient, and properly functioning fire pump. When a fire breaks out, it’s the fire pump that makes sure the water flows through the system with enough pressure to discharge and extinguish the fire before it can spread throughout the building.

Signs You Need Fire Pump Service in Michigan

You should regularly test your fire pump and perform a visual fire pump inspection looking for signs of damage, leaks, etc. You will want to make sure valves function correctly, gauges are operational, fuel and oil levels are maintained, and electrical systems are operational.

Monthly tests should include a no-flow test of the pump, and annual inspections should include a flow test. If during any of these tests the system fails to function as required, you should promptly schedule a service appointment.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Pump Repair

Fire pump repairs are not something you should put off. Fire is an ever-present hazard, and you don’t want to be caught off guard by a system that’s not working the way it needs to when a fire breaks out. Our repair technicians are always ready to deliver the prompt and reliable repair services that will restore your fire pump to operational condition as quickly as possible.

Fire Pump Maintenance

Regular, preventative maintenance will keep your fire pump in good condition. Regular maintenance includes adjusting gland nuts, checking for noises/vibrations, observing motor acceleration, and recording system suction and discharge pressure. Our technicians understand the importance of adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and procedures, and we provide a thorough and detailed record of each task we perform.

Frequently Asked Questions on Fire Pumps

Fire pump tests include testing the lines and voltage. We test for shorts and potential faults that can impede the pump’s operation. We also conduct a flow test, and if it’s a diesel pump, we check fuel levels, batteries, and more.

Regular maintenance is vital for ensuring performance. Failing to address rust, debris, and other faults can cause the pump to fail in a fire.

No, you do not need to be connected to city water to install a fire suppression system. Fire pumps can generate sufficient pressure from water storage tanks and holding ponds.