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Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection in Detroit

Restaurant Fire Suppression Installation Service Offered

Commercial-grade cooking appliances require more robust and advanced fire protection technologies than their residential counterparts. With so many heating elements operating at high temperatures throughout the day, the likelihood of a fire event can dramatically increase — especially when the right fire suppression system isn’t installed. Your commercial kitchen needs a fire suppression system that will offer not only fire protection, but prevention methods as well.

Fire Systems of Michigan carries top-quality commercial kitchen fire protection systems from the industry’s most renowned brands. To have your kitchen’s fire suppression system expertly installed, contact our team today.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant hood systems for commercial kitchens come equipped with more advanced technologies, capable not only of protecting against flames and mitigating damage.

Ansul Fire Suppression Systems

We proudly carry one of the industry’s best fire suppression system brands, Ansul. In fact, we’re one of the select Ansul providers in Michigan. Ansul touts the industry’s only agent-plus-water fire suppression hybrid on the market and has some of the most comprehensive available restaurant hood systems, creating a virtually fire-free commercial kitchen. Contact our team to find out more about our Ansul models and other available fire suppression system brands.

24-Hour Emergency Fire Services

When your commercial kitchen’s fire protection system malfunctions, you can’t wait until the worst happens for a repair. Yours and your occupants’ safety is the most important thing, and you shouldn’t have to wait for normal operating hours in order to get the service you need. That’s why Fire Systems of Michigan offers 24-hour emergency fire services for urgent repair and fire safety needs. Don’t let a faulty system threaten your safety or business operations. Contact our team to get the immediate attention you need.

Detroit Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation

Fire Systems of Michigan has offered exceptional fire protection to commercial building owners in Detroit for more than 40 years. Our team understands the advanced technologies involved in commercial range hood systems for your commercial kitchen, and our fire protection experts have the skills and knowledge necessary to install and repair nearly any fire suppression system. With top-quality brands like Ansul available for commercial kitchen protection, you’ll feel safer than ever when our team installs a fire suppression system in your kitchen. Contact our team today to get more information about our available commercial hood systems and have a fire suppression system installed in your kitchen.

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Let us know how we can help you and a Fire Systems of Michigan representative will contact you within 24 hours.
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