ANSUL Fire Suppression System Installation in Detroit

When you combine the confined spaces of a commercial kitchen with the busy atmosphere and abundance of flames and fuel sources, it is no wonder that most fires in restaurants and hotels start in the kitchen according to the National Fire Protection Association. To keep your staff safe and your facility protected, you should consider installing an advanced ANSUL fire suppression system. ANSUL products offer superior performance and reliability, plus the backing of an industry leader in the kitchen fire suppression field.

At Fire Systems of Michigan, we are proud to offer ANSUL fire suppression system installations for commercial facilities throughout Detroit, Redord, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas. With more than 40 years of service in the region, you can count on us for all your commercial fire protection and life safety needs.

When you are ready to install an ANSUL Fire Suppression System for your Detroit restaurant or commercial kitchen, talk to our team at Fire Systems of Michigan. Simply call 313-255-0053 or contact us online to discuss your kitchen fire safety options.

Advantages of an ANSUL Fire Suppression System

Installed in the kitchen hood, ANSUL fire suppression systems respond quickly to fires that have gotten out of control, extinguishing them completely while limiting damage and potential injures. By adding an ANSUL fire suppression system to your commercial kitchen you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Greater safety for staff and guests
  • Fast response to fires
  • Limits fire spread and duration
  • High effectiveness with available single- or dual-agent suppressants
  • Automatically shuts off gas and electricity with interlock devices
  • Minimizes damage and recovery time

To learn more about the advantages of ANSUL fire suppression systems for your Ann Arbor or Detroit business, talk to our experts today.

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What to Expect During an ANSUL Fire Suppression System Installation

Whether you are adding a fire suppression system to a new kitchen or an existing one, our experts at Fire Systems of Michigan can help. We have extensive experience with ANSUL equipment, and we can handle the entire installation, including:

  • Sizing the system and choosing the correct equipment for the application
  • Installing the nozzles and piping
  • Adding flame and heat detectors
  • Mounting the fire suppressant tanks and cabinet
  • Installing the control panel and manual pull station
  • Installing electrical and gas shutoffs
  • Installing fusible links
  • Inspecting the finished system

Our installation services will meet all code requirements for your jurisdiction.

Make sure your restaurant or commercial kitchen has the protection it needs. Install an ANSUL fire suppression system from Fire Systems of Michigan. Call us today at 313-255-0053 or contact us online to request an installation quote in Reford or Detroit.

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Don’t risk the safety of your commercial kitchen. When it comes to kitchen fire suppression equipment, choose the best—install an ANSUL fire suppression system.

Our experts at Fire Systems of Michigan can help you choose the best equipment for your needs, whether it is an R-102 Restaurant Suppression System, a Piranha Dual-Agent Restaurant Suppression System, or any other solution. We are here to help with all your fire safety needs, and we offer a level of dedication, dependability, and focus that is unsurpassed.

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