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Are You Opening a New Restaurant?


If you’re planning to open a restaurant this year ― either because you purchased one that went out of business or because you’re building a new one ― you’ll need to make sure you’ve added fire protection equipment to your plans. These safety measures are critical to keeping your employees, customers, and property fire-safe once you open to the community.

Planning ahead is key to opening your business on time and avoiding any delays due to National Fire Protection Association requirement codes.

What Fire Protection Equipment Do You Need For Your Restaurant?

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Survival of your restaurant depends on your kitchen fire suppression system’s ability to detect and suppress fires before they get out of hand.
NFPA 17A Standard | NFPA 96 Standard



Restaurant fires are unique because of the hot cooking oil that often serves as an ignition source. Your restaurant will need Class K fire extinguishers on hand so kitchen staff can quickly take action against a small fire, limiting property damage and potentially saving lives in the process. Include ABC extinguishers throughout the rest of the restaurant.
NFPA 10 Standard

If you’re interested in fire extinguishers for your kitchen fire suppression system in Michigan, contact us to learn more.

Fire Alarm System

While strobe lights, sirens, and pull stations don’t actively extinguish fires, they’re important for alerting employees and customers to evacuate the restaurant.
NFPA 70 Code | NFPA 72 Code

Fire Sprinkler System

If your restaurant hosts more than 300 guests, you are required to have fire sprinklers installed. Fire safety and protection regulations vary based on the state your restaurant is located in.
NFPA 13 Standard

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

What Preventive Measures Should You Take?

Do You Want To Learn More About Fire Protection Equipment?

We want you to have the best information possible about fire protection systems. That’s why we put together this list of the most common questions we get!

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