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Fire Prevention Month

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October is Fire Safety Month. Understanding all the fire-related dangers commercial buildings face and taking steps to protect your building and the people in it should be a top priority. Here’s what you can do to ensure a safer environment, no matter your industry or business.

Fire Prevention Month Tips To Protect Your Building

An effective workplace fire safety program includes training in extinguishing small fires, establishing an exit plan, and keeping all areas debris-free. Proactive steps you can take include:

Minimizing Your Risks

A well-designed fire protection plan promotes safety and efficiency. It prioritizes quality fire suppression equipment, includes proactive steps that prepare a building for emergencies, and ensures swift and orderly evacuation of occupants.

  1. Installing, maintaining, and inspecting fire suppression systems like fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and automatic sprinklers can quickly prevent and contain emergent fires.
  2. Regular equipment inspections and maintenance reduce common fire risks.
  3. Comprehensive employee training in fire safety protocols, including properly handling fire extinguishers and responding to different types of fires, ensures everyone is well-prepared in an emergency.
  4. Make sure flammable materials, including oils, cleaning agents, and other chemicals, are safely stored to prevent accidental ignition.
  5. Routine cleaning and maintenance of ventilation and exhaust systems helps maintain healthy air quality.
  6. If employees are required to wear uniforms, purchase ones made with non-flammable materials.

Checking Your Building’s Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarm systems protect employees, customers, and property from fire damage and loss. They should be located on every building level and integrated with other building control systems whenever possible.

Fire Systems of Michigan offers fire alarm inspections, repairs, and installation. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing fire alarm system or installing a new one, we have you covered.

Ensuring Fire Extinguishers Work

Annual fire extinguisher inspections and testing by a qualified fire safety professional ensure they work as they should and confirm they’re:

  • Properly mounted
  • Undamaged
  • Recharged
  • Appropriately sealed
  • Easily accessible
  • Properly tagged

De-Cluttering the Building

Without adequate oversight, it’s easy for boxes and stacks of paper and other combustible materials to accumulate in rooms, storage areas, and hallways, turning them into potential fire hazards. Regularly inspect these areas, including exit paths, and promptly address and mitigate potential risks.

Choose Fire Systems of Michigan To Defend Your Property

By taking these and other proactive steps to support your building’s fire safety, you can create an environment where everyone is safe from a fire’s devastating effects.

We hope these tips have raised your fire safety awareness and given you some helpful ideas for making your commercial building a more secure place for everyone. 

Call our team at 313-255-0053 to learn more about fire safety tips or request a quote for fire protection services.

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