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How Often Should Fire Extinguishers Be Inspected?

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Fire extinguisher inspections are recommended annually. When it comes to keeping people and property protected, there’s no overstating just how vital a role fire extinguishers play.

From putting out kitchen grease fires to preventing an electrical fire from growing out of control, these small yet powerful pieces of fire safety equipment turn potential catastrophes into stories of quick thinking and preparedness.

Because fire extinguishers don’t usually require much maintenance or repair, it’s easy for businesses to forget about the one task they should routinely perform — fire extinguisher inspections carried out by licensed fire safety experts.

Along with extinguisher repair and installation services, Fire Systems of Michigan will inspect your building or facility’s fire extinguishers to ensure they operate correctly, are up to code, and are ready to reduce the risk of fire-related injury or death.

Are Fire Extinguisher Inspections Mandatory?

OSHA standards require monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual fire extinguisher inspections to ensure correct placement and accessibility, clear instructions, proper pressure, and intact seals.

Internal maintenance inspections should be performed every five, six, or 12 years, depending on the equipment. Inspections should be performed by a licensed professional.

The frequency of inspections at your Michigan-based business or facility can vary according to local, state, and federal regulations and insurance company requirements.

In all cases, businesses should designate an employee responsible for conducting monthly visual inspections to ensure their equipment complies with fire safety regulations and is fully charged.

All employees should be familiar with the location and operation of fire extinguishers, including what steps to take in the event of a fire. Maintenance inspections should be completed once a year.

Our certified fire safety experts will help you determine which inspections your building needs and when they should be scheduled. 

What a Fire Extinguisher Inspection Involves 

Factors like temperature changes and environmental conditions can affect a fire extinguisher’s functionality and reliability. Regular inspections identify potential issues that could affect the equipment’s reliability and proper operation.

A typical fire extinguisher inspection verifies that:

  • All portable fire extinguishers are in their designated places.
  • There are no visibility or access obstructions.
  • Safety seals are present and unbroken.
  • There’s no evidence of physical damage, leakage, clogging, or corrosion.
  • Pressure gauge readings are proper.
  • Operating instructions face forward and are easy to read.
  • There is a clear and legible tag.

If an inspection uncovers damaged or missing parts, a defective pull pin or hose, improper pressure, or an extinguisher has reached the end of its life span, Fire Systems of Michigan can provide a quote to repair the equipment.

Once all inspections are completed, each extinguisher is retagged, and its tamper seal is replaced.

Commercial Fire Safety: Why Choose Fire Systems of Michigan?

Proper testing and maintenance of your building’s portable fire extinguishers fulfills OSHA and NFPA requirements while ensuring people’s safety and protecting valuable assets.

For over 40 years, Fire Systems of Michigan has helped businesses in various industries keep their employees, customers, and assets safe from fire damage. Our comprehensive fire extinguisher inspections provide unparalleled safety for your commercial property, ensuring they’re well-maintained and prepared to combat a fire.

Call 313-255-0053 today to learn more about the importance of routine fire extinguisher inspections or request a quote

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