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Fire Sprinkler Inspection Company in Detroit

Building owners may have fire sprinklers installed as a suppression method in case of a fire event. Fire sprinkler systems are a great way to help reduce flames and mitigate fire damage in emergency situations. Making sure these systems are fully operational when a crisis occurs is the responsibility of the property manager and requires regular inspection by a fire protection company.

If you’re looking for a fire protection company near you, Fire Systems of Michigan has the team you need to get your sprinklers’ functionality certified. Contact our team today to schedule your fire sprinkler inspection in Detroit.

What Is a Fire Sprinkler Inspection?

Fire sprinkler inspections are extremely thorough, often requiring more than one inspector to get the job done right. When the Fire Systems of Michigan team inspects your fire sprinkler system, we’ll go down our checklist to ensure the following are working properly:

  • Pipes and fittings
  • Hangers, braces, and supports
  • Waterflow alarm and supervisory signal initiating device
  • Hydraulic design information signs
  • Heat tracing
  • General and antifreeze information signs

Our team makes sure all parts are fully functional and all signage related to your sprinkler systems is visible and legible. Following a triggered system, our team is happy to replace your sprinklers to adhere to the regulations set forth by NFPA 25. Contact our team to have your sprinkler systems thoroughly inspected for your continued safety.

When Should My Fire Sprinklers Be Inspected?

The maintenance schedule for fire sprinkler systems is dictated by local code, which combines the regulations in NFPA 25 and the International Building Code. Each state and jurisdiction add its own set of regulations to these as well. More often than not, your fire sprinkler systems should be inspected on an annual, semiannual, quarterly, or even monthly basis. Fire Systems of Michigan is well versed in the local code requirements for your commercial building and can tell you more about your fire sprinkler maintenance schedule.

If your sprinkler systems were triggered by a fire, you will need to have each sprinkler head replaced. Additionally, you’ll need to have a valve and water flow test performed. Water flow, valve, and antifreeze system testing should all take place at five-year intervals — even when no fire event occurs. Contact our team to find out more about your fire sprinkler maintenance schedule and have your system inspected today.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections in Detroit

When it’s time to have your fire sprinklers inspected, choose a nearby company you can trust. Fire Systems of Michigan has served the Detroit area for more than 40 years, offering professional fire sprinkler repair and inspections, with available 24-hour emergency repair services. Contact the fire protection team at Fire Systems of Michigan to schedule your sprinkler inspection today.

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Let us know how we can help you and a Fire Systems of Michigan representative will contact you within 24 hours.
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