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Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection in Michigan

Inspections for Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in Redford, Ann Arbor, & Detroit

Fire is always a danger in a commercial kitchen or restaurant, with the fast pace, crowded quarters, hot oils, and multiple potential ignition points. Installing a kitchen fire suppression system is a must for any commercial kitchen, but to fully protect staff and customers, it is imperative to have the system inspected periodically to ensure it will work properly in an emergency.

At Fire Systems of Michigan, we offer kitchen fire suppression inspection services throughout Southeast Michigan, including Redford, Ann Arbor, Detroit, and the surrounding areas. Our company has been offering fire protection services in the region for over 40 years, and with our friendly, experienced team, top-quality products, and exceptional service, you can trust us for all your fire safety needs.

To learn more about our commercial kitchen fire suppression services in the Detroit metro area, call Fire Systems of Michigan today at 313-255-0053 or contact us online.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection Services in Detroit

Kitchen fire suppression systems work by smothering a fire with wet chemical or foam suppressants. For the majority of its life span, the suppression system sits unused, waiting for signals from heat, flames, or smoke sensors to activate. As the system ages, items like tanks and cylinders may corrode or lose pressure, nozzles can clog, piping can develop leaks, and other components may fail. Without repairs, such problems can render the system inoperable and increase the chance of damage in a fire.

With Fire Systems of Michigan, your restaurant or commercial kitchen can make sure it has full protection from fire with our kitchen fire suppression inspection services. Our experts will evaluate your entire system, looking for leaks, damage, corrosion, and more. A typical kitchen fire suppression inspection will include:

  • Visual inspection of all components, including nozzles, piping, conduit, and tanks
  • Removing nozzles and inspecting for clogs
  • Checking piping and tubing for loose connections or damage
  • Inspecting and testing detectors, sensors, and their link lines
  • Inspecting liquid tanks for corrosion and leaks
  • Verifying pressures on pressurized cylinders
  • Recording the hydrostatic test dates for all cylinders and regulators
  • Replacing any necessary fusible leaks, center housings, or system cartridges
  • Testing electrical interlocks and safeties
  • Testing electric and gas shut-offs
  • Testing the manual pull station
  • Testing the system’s automatic actuation system
  • And more

At the end of the kitchen fire suppression inspection, our team will furnish a detailed report listing all problems and concerns. Our company offers complete kitchen fire suppression repair services for any problems we may find, and well as kitchen fire suppression installations. We feature fire suppression systems from ANSUL, which are based on an innovative hybrid agent-plus-water solution that offers superior performance.

Contact us today for a kitchen fire suppression inspection in Detroit, Ann Arbor, or the surrounding areas.

24-Hour Emergency Service & Repairs in Southeast Michigan

Restaurants and commercial kitchens are often busy around the clock, and at Fire Systems of Michigan, you can count on us for emergency service and repairs 24 hours a day. Our team is reliable, prompt, and professional.

Call 313-255-0053 or contact us online for 24/7 emergency service anywhere in the Detroit area.

Schedule a Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspection in Detroit Today

Make sure your kitchen is up to code and your staff are protected with a kitchen fire suppression inspection from Fire Systems of Michigan. Our team can help with all your fire protection needs, from suppression systems to fire extinguisher services, fire sprinkler repairs, and more.

Call 313-255-0053 or contact us online to schedule kitchen fire inspection services today!

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Let us know how we can help you and a Fire Systems of Michigan representative will contact you within 24 hours.
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