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Fire Alarm Inspection Company in Detroit

When a fire event takes place, having a properly functioning fire alarm is imperative to ensuring everyone’s safety. A report from the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) stated that three out of five fire deaths occurred in homes where fire alarm systems failed to function properly. Performing routine inspections is the best way to ensure your systems work in an emergency.

If you’re looking for a fire alarm inspection company near you, look no further than Fire Systems of Michigan.

Our inspectors will make sure your fire alarms are in working order so your building’s occupants are protected in a crisis.

What Does a Fire Alarm Inspection Include?

A proper fire alarm inspection takes a professional team. Inspectors go through a detailed checklist to ensure your fire alarms meet standard code requirements:

  • Pre-Test: Prior to performing a fire alarm inspection, a Fire Systems of Michigan fire alarm technician, local city fire chief, and property manager must meet to inform the fire department dispatcher of when the test will take place.
  • Phone Line Testing: Primary and secondary phone lines will be tested, with a fire alarm technician activating the alarm and setting it off with one phone line at a time. The fire chief documents the time it takes from activation until all parties are notified of the event.
  • Battery Testing: Backup batteries are tested to ensure they can provide enough power in case of a power outage.
  • Sound Testing: The fire alarm technician inspects the sound and strobe lights of your fire alarm systems, ensuring the alarm is heard on each floor of your building.
  • Manual Alarm Testing: This requires two fire technicians: One pulls the building’s fire alarms while the other monitors that the request was received by the fire panel.
  • Heat Detectors: Your fire inspection team will simulate what would happen if an environmental temperature spike were to break the glass shell and alert the fire panel. The simulation will be documented by someone monitoring the fire panel to ensure the code was received.
  • Sensitivity Testing: Smoke detectors are tested to ensure their sensitivity range is maintained and able to alert the fire panel within the specified parameters.
  • HVAC Shutoff: When a fire alarm goes off, the building’s HVAC system needs to deactivate in order to prevent fresh air from fanning the flames. Your fire alarm technician will ensure the HVAC system shuts off when it should.
  • Documentation: All testing procedures need to be documented for future inspections and to avoid code violations.

Have the fire alarm inspection team at Fire Systems of Michigan perform an inspection on your system by contacting them today.

When to Have Your Fire Alarms Inspected

Fire alarms typically last for 10 years after their manufacture date. The NFPA requires different inspection frequencies based on your system’s specific operations, with professional fire inspection required at annual, quarterly, and semi-annual intervals depending on the alarm function being tested. Consult with our team to find out the best maintenance schedule for your fire alarm system.  

Fire Alarm Inspection in Detroit

Fire Systems of Michigan has proudly served the Detroit metro area for more than 40 years. Our professional inspection team will ensure your fire alarm system meets standard code requirements, going through a comprehensive checklist for your continued safety. Contact our team today to have our inspectors test your fire alarms.

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Let us know how we can help you and a Fire Systems of Michigan representative will contact you within 24 hours.
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