Fire Suppression in Michigan

To prevent or extinguish a fire threatening your commercial business, having an effective fire suppression system in place is key. Fire Systems of Michigan is your local fire protection company offering a diverse range of services, products, and systems that are customized according to each client’s needs.

Whether you need fire suppression services in Metro Detroit or Ann Arbor, Fire Systems of Michigan has you covered. Our local fire protection specialists are licensed and certified; we keep our teams at the cutting-edge of fire protection technology and services so that you never need to look far in order to get quality service that you can depend on.

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Fire Suppression System Installation in Metro Detroit

The correct system for your business is determined by what hazards are present in your workplace, as well as what other systems—such as fire extinguishers—are viable or already in place. As a leading provider of fire suppression and fire protection systems in Michigan, Fire Systems can provide superior technicians that will assess your needs and provide ideal solutions that include:

  • Wet chemical fire suppression
  • Dry chemical fire suppression
  • Water sprinkler systems
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Fire Suppression System Inspections and Repair

Keeping your business safe and adequately prepared requires more than simply installing fire protection systems. These systems must be routinely inspected, maintained, and repaired as needed. Fire Systems of Michigan offers comprehensive fire suppression system inspection services that satisfy all of your fire safety compliance needs, as well as ensure your business and employees remain protected in case of a fire emergency.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial kitchens are subject to a wide range of unique and extremely volatile fire hazards. Cooking oils, grease, smoke, and high heat all contribute to higher risks for a fire, and many of these cannot be dealt with by a standard water sprinkler system.

To satisfy your commercial kitchen safety needs, Fire Systems of Michigan offers leading fire suppression systems specifically designed to suppress, extinguish, and control fires caused by oils and fats. We offer leading options from  ANSUL® , as well as other top-class suppression systems.

Industrial Fire Suppression Systems in Redford, MI

Whether you work in a manufacturing facility, a paint booth, or you manage a medical facility, you can rely on Fire Systems of Michigan for leading industrial fire suppression services. We offer a wide range of options applicable for nearly all industrial settings, offering you a safe, efficient means of protecting your clients, employees, and assets from any and all hazards common to your industry sphere.

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Our leading contractors and trained fire protection teams have been offering reliable services and systems to businesses in Michigan for over 40 years. We are the one-stop shop you need when you’re looking for the utmost in fire safety!

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